Tubango AQC is a technology that will revolutionize Data Compression.
Turkish Patent Institute, Patent Application Date:09.08.2015, Patent Number: 2015/09829. US Patent Application Date:24.08.2015 Patent Number: 148331416.
Compression algorithm that can be used in every field from your personal data archive to cloud backup to fast data transfer.


  • High capacity and speed data compression

  • Audio Compression and Analysis

  • Data Transfer Security

  • Link Optimization

  • Analysis Method Compression

Tubango AQC

Thanks to its Armoya patented algorithm, AQC provides data compression with a much higher capacity than other compression programs. It provides up to 5 times higher compression ratio than equilavent applications. AQC has an algorithm that is optimized for use in various areas of technologic development.

Tubango AQC

AQC enables low bandwidth and intensive data transfer in the international broadcasting area on interactive platforms.

While equivalent data compression programs cannot provide even 1% compression on file formats such as JP2 and MPEG 4, AQC allows compression up to 25%.