Smart City Technologies

  • Smart Digital Billboards
    Remotely manageable digital city billboards that can be used for public safety in disasters and emergency situations.
  • Smart Traffic Lights
    Intelligent traffic lights that determine the traffic flow according to vehicle density, thanks to AI powered control systems
  • Sensors for Autonomous Vehicles
    All digital sensors that autonomous vehicles need.
  • Public Transport Emergency Button
    In case of emergency in public transport vehicles, a button that will inform the security forces of citizens and enable them to intervene immediately. When this button is pressed, the nearest mobile security forces and security force HQ are simultaneously informed, the location is taken and the security cameras in the vehicle are started to be watched.

Smart Building Technologies

  • Armoya DMCS
    This device receives the data of all smart devices in the building wirelessly and enables them to be managed remotely by providing internet access.
  • Automatic Fire Escape Locks
    Automatic Fire Escape Locks, which receive information from the sensors in the building in case of fire and natural disasters, allow the doors to be opened automatically.
  • Intercom Systems
    Intercom systems that transmit audio and video wirelessly without the need for any installation application.
  • Electricity, Water, Natural Gas Meters
    Smart meters that provide wireless communication that makes meter reading, one of the biggest problems of distribution companies, easy and fast. These meters can easily transfer data even from the ground floors.
  • Security cameras
    State-of-the-art security cameras that can transmit wireless video and audio, eliminates cable clutter and system connection problems during installation.

Smart Home Technologies

  • Smart Home Management Tableti
    An end-user tablet that can communicate with smart home devices, smart building and smart city technologies compatible with IoT and provides the management of these devices. With this tablet, intercom video and sound transmission is provided, doors, windows and curtains can be controlled. Lighting and air conditioning devices are managed. In emergencies, communication can be provided without the need for GSM.
  • OpenTherm Combi Boiler Communication Technology
    By communicating with other smart home devices, which makes it possible to remotely manage combi boilers; technology that provides comfortable heat management thanks to the power of AI.
  • Smart Room Thermostat
    Room thermostat that is capable of wireless data transfer to t-tway compatible combi boilers. It has a wireless connection and a long-lasting energy source
  • Fresh Air, Fire, Gas and Motion Sensors
    These wireless sensors eliminate application difficulties, cable clutter and installation problems. The sensors, which can communicate wirelessly with other devices, apply the security protocols instantly in case of emergency.
  • Intelligent Lighting Relays
    Wireless connection systems that eliminates the difficulty of implementing and managing smart home lighting systems.