After obtaining basic information such as the usage area of a certain project and the standards that the product must comply with; t-ona automatically creates all the necessary processes from schematic and PCB design to the embedded software of these designs, from end-user software to cloud system implementation.


Tubango DMCS includes a brand new communication protocol: “t-tway”. T-tway is a technology that allows electronic devices, machines and sensors using hundreds of different communication protocols to communicate with each other over a single common language.


Tubango Fingerprint System

We have started R&D studies on advanced fingerprint reading technology and our development phase still continues. We are working on technologies in this field such as advanced software, keeping one million fingerprints in internal memory, taking multiple fingerprints at the same time, and easy integration with machines and devices.

Tubango GLCD

In electronic device manufacturing, we realized that developing user interfaces and screen design is a difficult and time-consuming task with existing applications. For this reason, we started the R&D of the tubango GLCD program, both for use in our own projects and for the use of other electronic device manufacturers in the industry

Tubango HVAC Systems

With “tubango Opentherm systems” using the Opentherm protocol, communication between central heating and thermostatic controllers are provided. With tubango Opentherm systems, combi boilers can be managed remotely, communicate with other smart objects and provide comfortable heat management thanks to AI management systems. Armoya is the only company in Turkey that develops products using the Opentherm protocol.

Tubango Gearbox Motor

We have developed the first “Gearmotor with an integrated control card” produced in Turkey. With its FPGA design that can be customized according to the application area, tubango Geared Motor offers unparalleled ease of use.
- Operating Voltage: 12V - Current at No-load : 120 mA - Current at maximum load: 2.5 A - Reduction Ratio: 1:120 - Rotation Speed: 100 RPM - PWM Control: 100 Khz – 1 MHz - Sensor Output: Schmitt Trigger - Weight: 80 Grams - 360° Position Control - Bidirectional Control - Instantaneous Braking - PWM and Manual Control - Project-spesific RS232/SPI/I2C/TBUS Controls

Tubango Pneumatic Systems

By transporting materials at a speed of 8 to 10 meters per second, Tubango Pneumatic System solves the transportation problems within the enclosed enviroments quickly, safely and economically. We have developed the Tubango Pneumatic System with an advanced software that provides error-free delivery from 2 to 2,000 stations.

  • - Advanced Pneumatic System
  • - Storage
  • - Ease of Design and Control
  • - Movement Selection


We developed the world's most advanced AI engineer, which we call “t-ona”. t-ona was developed to professionally create all the steps in the development phase of an electronics project.

  • - Schematic and PCB design
  • - Embedded Software
  • - End User Software
  • - Cloud Software

Tubango Agricultural Irrigation Technologies

For smart irrigation systems, we have developed TARBIL (Agricultural Monitoring and Infırmation System) compatible irrigation equipment that can be controlled from a distance of 25 km.


We have developed a protocol called t-tway, which allows electronic devices, machines and sensors using hundreds of different protocols to communicate with each other over a single common language.

AQC – Data Compression Algorithm

GThanks to our internationally patented algorithm “AQC”, we provide data compression with a much higher capacity than any other program on the market. We provide up to 5 times higher compression ratio than similar data compression applications.

  • - High capacity and fast data compression
  • - Audio Compression and Analysis
  • - Data Transfer Security
  • - Link Optimization
  • - Analysis Oriented Compression Technology