Tubango DMCS is a multi-communication module with bidirectional communication feature, which can be used wired and wirelessly, operating in the ISM 169, 433 and 868 Mhz bands Has a 7 to 25 kilometer coverage, with a data transfer rate of 1.2 megabits 4 times faster than its competitors on the market as of now. Tubango DMCS is only the size of a Sim card.

Tubango DMCS includes our brand new communication protocol, t-tway. T-tway is a technology that allows electronic devices, machines and sensors using hundreds of different communication protocols to communicate with each other over a single common language.

Tubango DMCS, which forms the basis of Industry 4.0 and IoT applications; offers the opportunity to analyze the automation of industrial procedures quickly, easily and more economically than its equivalents.

Tubango DMCS has a technology free from all security holes. The communication provided by DMCS is point-to-point and is only available to those who are requested to reach it. The data is sent by being compressed with a special encoding method. Thus foreign elements are prevented from entering the system and interfering with communication..

Tubango DMCS

Tubango DMCS eliminates cable clutter, provides a secure, economical and IOT ecosystem by integrating into the usage areas like;
• Traffic lights, emergency buttons, digital city billboards, autonomous vehicles for smart city projects
• Digital intercom systems, building security systems, electricity, water, natural gas meters for smart buildings
• Lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning control systems for smart homes. Fresh air, fire, gas and motion sensors for smart home security solutions